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   The National Cardiovascular Diseases Center,Yu Cuntao Studio ... [2017-12-19]
   Ma Huiji, the professor from Publicity department of CPC Inne... [2017-12-19]
   The Young People's Union of IMMU went to Da Mao County for gi... [2017-12-09]
   Our university won the second prize of National Graduate Educ... [2017-12-09]
   The professional skills competition of Chinese Medicine of ac... [2017-12-05]
   Zeng Yichun,Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Inner... [2017-12-02]
   The Mongolian exchange students in our university have achiev... [2017-11-28]
   Micro Film Studio of Immu [2017-11-28]
   Our university holds the final of the fifth college students'... [2017-11-21]
   The job fair for 2018 medical graduates of Inner Mongolia on ... [2017-11-18]
   Wang Lixia,the member of the Standing Committee of the CPC In... [2017-11-18]
   The feedback from undergraduate teaching evaluation experts o... [2017-11-11]
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